Podcast Episode of the New Year


James is back for a new year of wrestling and what start to a new year! He is joined by the great co host as always Jason and they have plenty to talk about…..for now but more exciting things are on the horizon for The Rope Rebound. Want to get involved with blogs thoughts ideas or even be on a show to talk about wrestling? Then send a email to theroperebound@gmail.com or find us on Twitter @roperebound

Interview with John of Dancing Bear Muay Thai

James is joined by none other than John Thayne of Dancing Bear Muay Thai for a very exciting interview. In case you were wondering yes there will be more of John as time goes on this is just the beginning to what can become a huge friendship and partnership if you will.


James and KCXW return to the airwaves for another xtreme show. Several people stop by the booth to hangout with James but the best gift of all was when The Wonderful President Smiley was very gracious enough to come by the booth and relax a bit before he had to take care of business.


James is back for another exciting night of calling the action at KCXW Takeover IV and Angel Medina stops by and he has a lot to say and has a open mic. That being said some stuff might not be suitable for all viewers.

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