Getting to know the host 

I am 27 years old and can say I’ve proudly follow pro wrestling (sports entertainment) since I was in fourth grade. That is when I was exposed the world of professional wrestling and haven’t been the same since. Remember vividly going to a live event or house show for the WWF with my dad as a surprise. 

There was a group of us in the fourth grade that were divided over which was better WWF or WCW just like most people during the Monday Night War era. Fast forward years later when we are all older and WWF purchased WCW we just couldn’t believe it and we’re asking questions like who’s going and who isn’t. Also remember during the Monday Night War seeing a lot of nWo and DX shirts on friends and classmates. 

One of my very first pay per views (PPVS) that my father had ordered me so me and my friends could watch was WWF Over The Edge ’99 which was a horrible day in the history of pro wrestling and lost such a great talent. I knew of WCW from all the toys and action figures being next to all the WWF stuff but didn’t watch any of the product. 

While I was growing up the Nintendo 64 was the popular thing and we had Blockbuster. Yes I know a lot of people won’t know what blockbuster was but I went there to get the brand new WWF game on night and it was called WWF No Mercy. However, I ended up getting two other wrestling video games just because they were new to me and I wanted to play a wrestling game. So the two I would rent were WCW Mayhem and ECW Hardcore Revolution.

I immediately fell in love with ECW and was instantly hooked on ECW and would recognize a few of the wrestlers on there that were now a prt of WWF or I had seen from the WCW game. The ones that stood out to be that I knew from elsewhere but was shocked to see them in the ECW video game was Raven, Rov Vand Dam, Taz, And Lance Storm.

I have seen a lot of wrestling but at the same time I haven’t seen some of the great moments in wrestling history such as the Austin 3:16 promo, HBK vs Hitman in the Iron Man match. But thanks to the WWE network which is $9.99 a month I can watch all the classic stuff and watch some brand new original material as well. 

My co-host (Jason) has gotten me hooked on this product that started out as developmental but is now its own very unique brand called NXT. NXT is the starting point for all WWE wrestlers. Some of the current popular and more athletic and entertaining wrestlers have come from NXT.  Ever heard of The Wyatt Family, The Shield, Cesaro, Kevin Owens, or even Paige from the WWE Divas division who is also on Total Divas? Yup they all came from the WWE developmental program but it has grown to be so much more. 

As time has gone on Jason has gotten me to watch Ring Of Honor and Lucha Underground.